Thursday, 27 October 2011

Topkapi Palace

The school's project club is trying to get ready for hosting our guests in May. We will take the guest students to some historical places. You think that Topkapi Museum should  be visited. Your teacher told you that you must prepare a presentation to persuade the project comittee to include Topkapi Palace trip in the programme. Answering the following questions and using some visuals prepare your presentation.

1. Where is the palace situated?
2. Which other historical places are near Topkapi palace?
3. How much is the enterance fee? Is it open everyday?
4. When was the palace built?
5. Why was Topkapi Palace important in the history?
6. When was the palace converted into a museum? Why?
7. What are the sections that a visitor must see?
8. Where do you arrive when you walk through the Imperial Gate? and how do you feel when you walk there?
9. What is Enderun?
10. Where is the flower garden and the marble terrace with a pool?
11. Which sections you enjoyed visiting most?
12. Why should we take our guests there?

Good Luck!

Thanks for all the hard work, I loved your presentations.

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