Tuesday, 27 December 2011

How to Digitalise Your Story

After we read a story, you will do one of the tasks written below: You can use the suggested tools or one of your favourite tools.
Be creative!
1. Prepare a talk show, interviewing with one or more characters from the story you are reading.
2. Summarize the story and create glogs.
3. Direct the movie of the story. Choose the cast, soundtrack, venue, etc and write a brief note to the producer why you have chosen those actors/actresses, venue, etc.
4. Organise a trip to the place where the story takes place.
5. Summarize the story by creating a comic or an animation by using online tools.
6. Create a trailer for the movie of the story.
7. Adapt the story to 21st century.
8. Analyse one of the characters and write a list ’10 things I want to do before I die’ for their character and in the end of the list, you should persuade the teacher and the classmates that the character would really like to do those things.
9. Choose one of the characters and write about his/her life 10 years from the ending of the story.
10. Create a quiz on the story.You have to include vocabulary questions, comprehension questions, discussion questions, etc
11.  Write a 5 sentence summary of the story and create a glog, poster with illustrations or magazine cut-outs.

You can use:

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