Monday, 17 January 2011

Far From the Madding Crowd

We finally finished reading Far From The Madding Crowd. Now it's time to write about it. Go to the comments of this post and answer these questions.

1. Describe Bathsheba, Gabriel and Sergeant Troy.
2. According to Gabriel, what is Bathsheba's fault in the first chapter?
3. Why does Bathsheba reject Gabriel's proposal?
4. How does Boldwood fall in love with Bathsheba?
5. What do you think about Bathsheba?
6. How does the story end?
7. Do you think Bathsheba and gabriel will be happy? Why or Why not?
8. Thomas Hardy used the title to tell us that life is not always peaceful and quiet in the countyside. What do you think? 
9. What do you think about this novel? Will you recommend it to your friends?
10. Did you learn anything from the book?

Now time to start reading About a Boy by Nick Hornby


  1. 1)Batsheba was arrogant and too independent.Also she was beautiful and clever.
    Gabriel was a hard-working and strong man.He was kind and at countryside everyone loved him.
    Sergeant Troy was handsome and strong man.But he was cruel.
    2)She refused Gabriel's offer.
    3)Because she was too independent.
    4)She played joke on him and sent him a Valentine card.There were writing 'MARRY ME'
    5)I didn't like Batsheba.Because she did many foolish things.At first she could accept Gabriel's offer.
    6)Batsheba and Gabriel married.
    7)Yes,Because They love eachother.
    8)Yes,There can be many problems but It doesn't change,It can be peaceful again.
    9)The novel was good and I liked it very much.I will recommend it to my friends who like reading much.
    10)Yes,We couldn't trust their appearance and we have to know them very well.

    Karolin KALUSTYAN
    185/10 FLD

  2. 1)Bathsheba was arrogant,indepent,beautiful and clever girl.
    Gabriel was hard-working,sensible,strong man he calm and he went to church on Sundays.
    Sergeant Troy was young and handsome.
    2)Gabriel wanted to marry with her but she refused Gabriel's offer.
    3)Because she doesn't love him,she was spoil.
    4)By a joke.She Sent him a Valentine Card and there written 'MARRY ME'by Bathsheba
    5)I agree with Karolin.They had to marry at first.
    6)Bathsheba and Gabriel married.
    7)I think Bathsheba would leave the farm a time later.Because they would have some problems.
    8)I think Hardy thought that countries always have events.I think he wanted show us to countysides can be events like that.
    9)I liked it, it is not boring.We recommend it in our class.Especially Bathsheba.
    10)Be careful for girls and people :)
    Murat Çakır
    191/10 FLD

  3. )Betsheba was a clever beautiful and a arrogant woman.
    Gabriel Oak was a good,sensible man and a hard worker.He is twenty years old and unmarried.
    Sergent Troy was a strong and a handsome man.
    2)Gabriel loved Betsheba so,he wanted marry with her but she refused his offer.
    3)She was a spoil woman and she did'nt want marry with him,because she didn't love him.
    4)First,She played him a joke, She sent him a Valentine Card,And There written "MARRY ME"
    5)I didn't like betsheba becasue she was very spoil woman.
    6)At the end They married.
    )Of course ;They love eachother so,they married ı think they became very happy and lucky.
    8)Yes,There can be many problems,but ı think it doesn't make a big problem.
    9)The novel was very nice ı loved it.I recommend it in our class and my other firends.
    10)Of course,In My Opinion "Nothing is impossible" in the world.

  4. 1)Batsheba was rich.She was arroant and beautiful girl.Sergeant wasn't rich.He was handsome and stronger man.Gabriel was poor handsome and kind.
    2)Batsheba didn't want to marry with Gabriel
    3)First she didn't want to marry with anybody.she didn't love Gabriel
    4)She send him a valentine card.SHE WROTE THERE 'MARRY WİTH ME'.She joked him
    5)I don't like her beacuse she was so arrogant.
    6)Boldwood killed Sergeant.Gabriel and batsheba married.
    7)yes.because they loved each ohter and they married.
    8)Yes,there can be many problems.Prombles are untied.
    9)I loved this novel.Because ı love love story I recommend it in our class and my other firends.
    10)yes of course.I think you should know them well.İf you dont know them very well you can't say anyhing for him

  5. 1)Bathsheba wass clever,beautiful and arrogant woman.
    Gabriel was hard-working,strong man.
    Sergant Troy was handsome man.
    2)Bathsheba didn't love Gabriel but GAbriel wanted married Batsheba.
    3)She didn't love Gabriel.
    4)She send valentine card and writes 'MARRY ME' she played joke.
    5)I agree with my friends because she is very arrogant and liar.
    6)Gabriel and Bathsheba married.
    9)I liked it because it's very interesting love story. I recomended my friend.
    10)Yess.I think before to love again think.

  6. 1) Bathsheba was beatiful and clever girl.
    Gabriel was kind and handsome boy.
    Sergeant was clever and strong man.
    2)Bathsheba didn't love Gabriel and she refused Gabriel's offer.
    3)Because she so independent.
    4)Bathsheba sent a card to Boldwood and there was writing "MARRY ME".
    5)I didn't love her because she refused Gabriel!s offer.
    6)Gabriel and Bathsheba married.
    7)Yes of course because they love eachother and I think they will be happy.
    8)It's true because the life is sometimes peaceful sometimes ruthless.
    9)I likes it because it was interesting and good. I will recommedn to my friends.
    10)Yes of course. We don't be prejudiced.
    Natali Turaç

  7. 1) Bathsheba: She is intelligent, clever, independent young beauty, poor.
    Gabriel: He is a good, sensible man and a hard working, honest.
    Sergeant Troy: He is a handsome, superficially charming young man
    2) Gabriel wanted to marry with her but she refused Gabriel

    3) Because she doesn't love him

    4) She do joke on him

    5) I didn't like betsheba becasue she is very shy.

    6) Batsheba and Gabriel married.

    7) Yes I thin they will be happy because Gabriel was really loved him.
    9)I love because ı lik romantic storys.
    10) Yes the boy people must be afraid to girl. =) Sesil Kahvecioğlu

  8. 1)Batsheba was a beautiful,superficial and independent.
    Gabriel Oak was a local farmer,hard working and strong man.
    Sergeant Troy was a handsome and charming young soldier.
    2)Gabriel was a local farmer soon propoes marriage to her but she refuses him.
    3)Bathsheba didn't want marry with him but she didn't love him.
    49)Bathsheba sends a valentine card to a whealthy local farmer named Boldwood who deepy in love with her.
    5)She was so beautiful.
    6)The story ends with a sadder and Bathsheba married with Gabriel.
    7)Yes,I do.Because they loved eachother.
    8)Yes.I think countrysdes can have problems like cities.
    9)I think the novel was a beautiful .Yes,I wil recommend it my friends.
    10)Yes,I did.I learnt about kinds of people.
    Jaklin Tepeli

  9. 1)Batsheba was independent and beautiful woman. Gabriel was hardworking and gentle man. Sergeant was handsome and strong man.
    2)Gabriel wanted to marry her but she refused his offer.
    3)İt is because she was an independent woman and she didn't actually love him.
    4)Bathsheba sent a card to Boldwood and there was writing "Marry Me". She joked on him.
    5)İ don't agree with my friends because it is good to be independent.
    6)Gabriel and Batsheba got married.
    7)Yes. Gabriel can make her happy because he loves her so much.
    8)İ agree with him. We cannot see the truth if we are not among them.
    9)İ think it was instructive. İ learned lots of things.
    10)Yes, i did. Good people don't always get good things.

  10. Thank you. I'm still waiting for the others to comment!