Monday, 7 February 2011

Reading Challenge

Here is your challenge. Read About a Boy, level 4 and do the following tasks:

A cartoon with GoAnimate by Murat Ç About A Boy(Message) by murat333

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

More from Murat Çakır

From Selin

Jaklin's pp summary

Melisa Erşen and Natali Çakır created

Word cloud made with WordItOut

Natali Çakır's glog

Janet's poster

Melisa Merkezoğlu shared this glog

Another word cloud

Word cloud made with WordItOut

Karolin's wonderful poster

Karolin's power point

Karolin's word clouds.

Natali Turaç and her power point


  1. All I can really say is wow! I'm amazed at how much you all got from one simple book! Good luck with your English studies,

  2. I'm so impressed with all your hard work. I love the glogs and the animation and the presentation, they are all so creative.
    Good luck with your next book :-)
    Ceri (Cádiz, Spain)